Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years On, We Remember

There are two main advantages to having met my girlfriend on September 11th 2001:

1. I approached our blind date that evening with much more confidence than I would usually, knowing that I had an absolute banker of a conversation topic up my sleeve. Should things begin to flag on the “What’s your second favourite book/film/type of jam?” front I knew that I could always slip in “So, did you see the news at all today?” Though if she had replied, “Yes, wasn’t it great? Die, infidels, die!” I am not sure how far I would have played along to get a shag. I would like to think “not very far”, but I had been single for a while.

2. It makes it very easy to remember our anniversary. Most people greet Osama bin Laden’s annual late August video promising yet more death and destruction to the Western world with fear, anger or revulsion. My first thought is always, “That reminds me – I must pop into Clinton’s and get a card”. And should I ever get confused with the month/date order thing and find myself trying to celebrate on November 9th I can just say, “Hey, do I need an excuse to buy you flowers?”

But, despite our obvious debt to the man, my girlfriend won't let us call any first-born son Osama. If I had known then that she would turn out to be so unreasonable...