Friday, November 10, 2006

Bathmatwatch: Day 11

What do you see in the bath mat? The Virgin Mary? A pair of boobs? Barney Rubble? Draw what you see, email it in with your name, age and URL (if any) to the address on the right, and the best ones will be displayed in The Gallery. We're sorry, but we can't return any of your pictures.

The Gallery
Whilst looking at the gallery, try opening this in another tab/window.

Ellie, 36 - Volcano
Stitchwort, 59 and 10 months – A worm, delighted to find an apple in the undergrowth
Doris, 30-something
Will, 25
Petite Anglaise, no age given – Dog

John Plato, 28 – Volcano

Salvadore Vincent, 36 – Dog