Monday, November 20, 2006

Bathmatwatch: Day 21

It is days like today, pouring with rain, that I wonder what I am doing. The tie that links me to the bath mat is like that of caring for an elderly relative. I might resent the regular chores, but I have made a commitment. This is my life now. Making an anonymous tip-off to the council refuse department would be just as wrong as smothering with a pillow.

And I am the kind of person who cannot give up on an idea, no matter how stupid. It is this attitude that once left me stranded in the middle of the Sahara desert, and now means that I have to leave my warm, dry flat every day, take a photograph of an abandoned bath mat, then try to find something to write about it. Will I ever learn? At least it wasn’t raining in the desert.

I sometimes want to put us all out of our miseries and ask who will rid me of this turbulent bath mat. Then, just a few doors down, I saw this, and it all seemed to make sense again.

Please keep sending me pictures of your bath mats.

And I also need a bit of spare web space somewhere where I can either have ftp access, or regularly email an updated version of a small file. For technical reasons I can't use blogger or libsyn. Can anyone help, please? It is for Something Special (not kiddie porn).