Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bathmatwatch: Day 3

The bright sunlight and the bath mat's blue-grey colour made it difficult to spot today. The binmen had visited early this morning, so I was worried it might have gone, but luckily it was still there. Perhaps the binmen also overlooked it, though it's more likely that disposing of it, along with many other tasks one might reasonably expect refuse collectors to perform, didn't fall within their extremely tightly-worded job description. The bath mat really is well disguised though, very low profile and perfectly adapted to its environment. A bit like those moths we were taught about in O-level biology – the ones where the dark-coloured ones kept getting eaten, but then the industrial revolution came and all the surfaces they landed on where very sooty, so the light-coloured ones kept getting eaten, and then smokeless fuel was introduced and once again the light-coloured ones had the genetic advantage. Perhaps a fluorescent pink bath mat nearby was picked up within minutes, but this one lived to be free for another three days and counting.

I saw a wonderful Natural World documentary last night featuring Martyn Colbeck, who had spent 15 years filming the same family of elephants in Kenya. I wonder how long I will be photographing this bath mat. If my girlfriend ever wants us to move house, I will have to explain that I can only move to a house within 100 yards of the bath mat. She is very understanding about my work, and I am sure that this will not cause a problem.