Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adventures In The Cave - Part 6

In the final part of this serialisation we will look at the book’s illustrations. Firstly, the inside front cover:

Adventures In The Cave

There is nice attention to detail here with Susan wearing the white knee socks that were fashionable in the 70s, and in her carrying the item that is first on the equipment list of any potholing expedition: a handbag. But my main observation is that if you are writing some kind of action-adventure thriller, the climax of which is the unexpected and shocking appearance of a long-dead monstrous creature, don’t put a picture of it on the inside front cover. It is like starting The Crying Game with the caption “Oh, by the way: she’s a bloke”.

Now let’s look at the inside back cover:

Adventures In The Cave

Again, nice crayoning, but it does rather support my view that Steve and Ian are somewhat indistinguishable. Not sure about the lesser known combination of brown trousers and blue shoes, but their black leather jackets look ace.

Finally, the back cover:

Adventures In The Cave

I have no idea why I drew this. It could be some kind of attempt at a publisher’s logo. Unless this is the gosht...