Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Are Not Afraid (Well, Maybe Just a Little Bit)

Here in London we are constantly being told to be alert. Apparently our country has a shortage of lerts. Haha. No, obviously it is the threat of bad people and their nasty bombs.

So when I spotted an abandoned rucksack on a bench at my local tube station I knew that despite once again being in a dilemma of not wanting to die horribly, but also not really wanting to make a fuss, I should really tell somebody about it.

I suppose that I was expecting armed police, bomb disposal experts, a sniffer dog at the very least. What actually happened was that a female member of London Underground staff prodded the bag a bit, opened it, and said, “Yeah, it’s just got some clothes in it”.

I suppose that this must be a common occurrence for them, and that they have to judge each case on its merits before calling out the emergency services. I can see that 99 times out of 100 simply prodding and opening the bag would produce a quick, simple answer to the question of what was in the bag, but I couldn’t help thinking that on that hundredth occasion... No, actually it would always produce a quick, simple answer as to what was in the bag.