Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guess What?

If you guessed that we have had a baby, then you still have one more guess. Because we haven't. Not yet.

To be fair, September 11th maybe wouldn't be the nicest birthday to have. All your life people would be referring in hushed tones to "The events of September 11th", and you would be thinking "Maybe they are planning a surprise birthday party for me, and another treat, because they are referring to events in the plural", but it would always end in disappointment. On the upside, it would make it very easy for your poor, tired parents to remember your birthday. Instead of viewing Osama bin Laden's annual late summer video threat with horror or revulsion, they would think "9/11? That reminds us - we must go and buy some Lego". Though there is always the chance that one of them might be an idiot and buy you presents on 9th November instead.