Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I sat down to eat my lunch and turned the television on. But instead of a picture it displayed a screen that was blank except for the ominous message "Enter PIN: ****". I worked out quickly what was going on when I realised that the remote control, instead of being in its usual home high up on the furthest bookshelf, had been on the coffee table. Clearly, my LOVELY SON had got hold of it and somehow set the parental lock. Though, I realised flicking through the channels, apparently only on ITV1. Not that I was going to watch Loose Women, and anyone who says I was is lying.

My son is obviously a child prodigy, as even with the manual I couldn't work out how he'd done it. Perhaps he's doing one channel at a time until all that's left is CBeebies.

At 13 months his understanding is really coming on. He's great on "Where's the car?" and "Where's your nose?", but "What's the Pin number?" was met with a blank shrug. At the very least he could have said, "For goodness' sake, Father, the 'N' in Pin already stands for 'number'. 'Pin number' is a tautology along the lines of 'safe haven' or 'free gift'". But no, his burgeoning genius only goes so far.

It's a bit annoying as I do sometimes watch programmes on ITV1, like, er, um... Well I guess in 2010 they might be showing some of the World Cup matches, so I hope he's learned to talk by then.