Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Venn Will I See You Again?

Venn That Tune

As Smash Hits would have said, it’s back, back, back, back, back – yes, back! Venn That Tune: over 100 classic song titles drawn as Venn diagrams or graphs, now bringing the poetry of maths to the magic of pop in book form.

It’s published on Thursday November 13th and you can pre-order it from Amazon UK, Amazon USA or Amazon Canada, as well as at bookshops and online stores in many other countries.

There is a website at vennthattune.com with more information and sample pages. You can become a Facebook fan and discuss your favourite diagrams and get the latest news and reviews, or buy greetings cards from Moo (what could be more romantic than saying "I'm saving all my love for you" with the aid of a pie chart?).

There is also a range of merchandise from Spreadshirt (Europe or USA/rest of world), such as Too Much Too Young kids' T-shirts (nothing says teenage rebellion quite like a graph), It Ain't What You Do It's the Way That You Do It boxer shorts and U Can't Touch This women's hotpants. And some mugs.

B3ta has already made it their Book of the Month, proclaiming “It’s great”.

And because the idea started here when I realised that I had nothing to write about one day, looked through an old notebook and saw a half-finished idea about ZZ Top lyrics, and then you all gave me such encouraging feedback, I’m going to have a competition where I give away a signed copy. (It doesn’t have to be signed if you don’t want it to be – it might be more difficult to regift it as a Christmas present if it is.)

To enter the competition, just send an email to the address on the right with the answer to this question: What colour was the Seat Ibiza? (There – that’ll sort out the loyal readers from the Johnny-come-latelies.)

The closing date is 17:00 GMT on Friday 7th November. The winner will be chosen at random and my decision is final. Only one entry per person.

The rest of you – it would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who likes music and Venn diagrams. (Yes, my LOVELY SON needs new shoes...)

Here are a couple of diagrams – more to come.

Venn That Tune