Monday, December 01, 2008

My Two Dads

My LOVELY SON's intellectual capabilities continue to grow. As well as him recognising pictures of objects in books, we regularly show him photos of relatives he sees less often and explain who they are. He manages to identify them too, pointing to the correct cousin or grandparent when prompted.

So it was with some surprise that he pointed to this picture of England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen in a magazine yesterday and said, unmistakeably, "Dadda".

Putting all obvious paternity jokes aside I was still a bit concerned. What if my LOVELY SON isn't the genius that all other signs of his abilities (stacking five wooden blocks at a time, going headfirst down a slide, growling when he sees a picture of a lion) are pointing to? But, let's just take a closer look at those sculpted cheekbones, smouldering eyes and dimpled chin:

Yes, I can stop worrying because, when you think about it, confusing me with Kevin Pietersen is actually an easy mistake to make, even for the most gifted of the population. One of us is an extremely talented sportsman at the peak of his physical prowess, good enough to not only play internationally but to captain his national side, plus he's handsome and successful enough to be offered even more money to advertise expensive watches ...

... and so is Kevin Pietersen.

I read that supporting and praising your child is very important, so my reply of "Yes, that's me captaining England" isn't really a lie.