Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Stain Game

Now that the weather is cold and we don't want to open the windows much, space to dry clothes is at a premium in our tiny flat. With our LOVELY SON producing more than his fair share of laundry there is a strict pecking order of what gets washed first: faeces, vomit, urine, food, other dirt, then stuff that's merely been worn. (And that's just my girlfriend's clothes haha.)

So I was very happy yesterday morning when I put my jumper on and checked my reflection as I had thought there was a stain on the front of it, but it turned out there wasn't. Hurrah - that meant I could get another six weeks' wear out of it.

I wore it to my meeting. I wore it to the shops. I wore it at home when friends came round. It was only when I came to take it off last night that I realised that something about it had been annoying me all day - something scratching me at the front of my neck. Turns out it was the label. Not only was I wearing it back-to-front, but there was a lovely stain down what was now the back.