Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things That Are Great About Being a Writer #1

I have been hooked on Million Dollar Traders - the BBC2 show where eight novices are thrown into the deep end of trading for a hedge fund, with the added bonus (for us) that the world's financial system is collapsing around them. This would be like making a documentary about trainee firefighters in New York City on the day that... Oh, someone did, didn't they?

The thing I am most amazed/appalled by however is that these people have to arrive at work before 7am every day. The horror of this idea is brought home to me when I have a phone conversation with the producer of a show I'm working on. We don't get to go through the entire script, so agree to carry on the next day.

"I'll give you a call first thing tomorrow", says the producer. "Say about 10:30?"

"First thing" = 10:30? He's clearly worked with writers before.

EDIT: If that sounds insufferably smug then Things That Are Not Great About Being a Writer* #1: Companies going into administration owing you money. Grr.

(* Or indeed any freelancer)

And these days I am generally woken before those City-bound commuters anyway.