Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wunch of Bankers

I believe that I have worked out why the financial system is in such a mess. Last night I logged into my internet banking account and tried to move some money into another account. I typed in the amount and it then asked me when I would like to make the payment. As it was about quarter past eight in the evening and it usually complains about having to do anything after about three in the afternoon I selected the next day. I was surprised when it then reported:

Your adhoc payment could not be created: It's too late to setup a payment to leave your account for the next working day. However, you can send this payment now by changing the date to today's date.

Huh? What kind of bizarre logic is that? "Sorry, it's too late to do it tomorrow. Would you like me to do it now?" It's like the Queen of Hearts telling Alice "You can't have jam in three working days' time, you've got to eat the whole jar this instant until you're sick."

Surely with just a small modification to this system the banks can lend each other money yesterday and everything will be fine again.