Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keep Taking the Tablets

As you can see, I have bought a graphics tablet. It was an impulse purchase so that I could try to be a bit more creative in different ways and just try out some new ideas. I thought that if it didn't work I could simply return it, or flog it on eBay.

I am not very good at drawing, so perhaps you think I am still using a mouse, with my left hand, which I have injured with a hammer, but I can assure you that I am using a graphics tablet with my uninjured right hand, which is my preferred hand for drawing. It is not my Lovely Son drawing these cartoons, and anyone who says it is is lying.

My Lovely Son does likes sitting on my lap and trying to use the graphics tablet though, doing some excellent scribbling and watching with glee how his actions are translated from the desk up on to the screen. Today he drew some circles and some steps. At this rate he will be complaining about the 50% tax rate before we know it. But soon he realised his artistic limitations and put the stylus in my hand and told me to draw a bus. "What colour is this?" I said, drawing a magnificent blue double-decker.

"Green", my Lovely Son replied.

I was a bit disappointed. We are not trying to get him into Mensa or anything, but I had thought we had got colours cracked several months ago.

"No, it's blue. What colour is it?"


"No, it's blue."


I looked down, and sure enough he was drawing directly on the graphics tablet with a green felt tip.