Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Ice Surprise

Bus shelter glaziers have two options: glass, which vandals smash. Or perspex, which vandals scratch graffiti on to. It must be quite a depressing job being a bus shelter glazier, continually seeing your Sisyphean efforts spoiled, forever repairing these memento mori, a task which will only end with the sweet release of death, or the invention of personal jet-packs (whichever comes first).

But as I walked past my local bus stop the past couple of mornings I noticed that the cold weather has turned the loutish scrawlings into a winter wonderland. The depth of the graffiti groove combined with the orientation of the perspex panels means that the "tags" (as I believe they are called on "the street") are the ideal place for large, intricate ice crystals to form, making the whole bus shelter look like it has been decorated with real fake spray snow.

The close-up pictures aren't great (the woman waiting for the bus was looking at me a bit strangely), but what would ordinarily just make me tut and consider switching to the Daily Mail instead put me in a much more postivive mood. Is there a name for the phenomenon where something ordinarily ugly is temporarily beatified beautified? And can anyone think of any more examples?