Friday, December 03, 2010

Advent Day 3

And behind Father Christmas is ...

Another angel who looks like Bod!

OK, there's a Bod/angel in the main picture too, but at least this one has feet, despite being drawn in such a small space.

And as there's no statute of limitation on crimes in this country, please don't sue us, person who drew Bod. We were young and foolish, and unaware of such concepts as plagiarism and copyright. It would also be difficult to measure your losses as we received no money from our parents for the advent calendar (which I now realise is a trick that we missed - we could have either bundled the advent calendar in an annual package with homemade birthday/Christmas/Father's and Mother's Day cards, or sold it on a pay-per-view basis for opening each door). If it comes to court I will argue that the halo and wings either constitute a different character, or are a fair use parody. Merry Christmas!